0037: Listeners Gone Wild

Listener Voicemail & Comments Eric’s voicemail Evan’s comment (Our interview with Evan: ep 0011: Evan Prodromou, AI practitioner (part 1), ep 0012: Evan Prodromou, AI practitioner (part 2) John’s comment Ted got the author’s name wrong Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely (25:12) Moving on from Feedback into what’s going to get us from here to there Instantaneous Judgement (Stimulus-Response) Reinforcement […]

0026: The Locality Principle

http://traffic.libsyn.com/friendlyai/ConcerningAI-episode-0026-2016-09-18.mp3 These notes won’t be much use without listening to the episode, but if you do listen, one or two of you might find one or two of them helpful. Lyle Cantor‘s comment (excerpt) in the Concerning AI Facebook group: Regarding the OpenAI strategy of making sure we have more than one superhuman AI, this is […]