0027: Listener Feedback and the Locality Effect

Korey’s comment:

… one question you asked on ‘The Locality Principle’, was what other people are doing to avert a possible AIpocalypse; I’m starting a company! An entertainment venture with one driving purpose: to create a fully realized virtual world, one with as many complex and varied entities as the real world itself. …

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Philip’s comment:

Hey Ted & Brandon! Just got to your most recent podcast, “The Locality Principle”. Love what you’re doing by the way. I expect this message may never reach you as I’m posting from Australia and the sheer distance between us in terms of light speed milliseconds is sufficient that an all consuming singleton AI is likely to consume all of our atoms before Facebook’s servers get a chance to process the request. Ha ha.

Terrifying jokes aside, your podcast ended with the question “what are people doing” to address the potential risks associated with super-intelligent AI.

To add one more data point for you: I changed career 2 years ago (from finance/management consulting) to software development in order to eventually position myself to work on these problems.

The future path is uncertain, as there are various potential ways to do that (ie. academia, research institute, BigCorp, “startup”…) and still plenty of work between Modestly Competent Programmer and AI Researcher. Essentially all I need at this point to continue progressing is time and information. Also, more podcasts ;)

Also, “The Locality Principle” was a bit grandiose, so how about “The Locality Effect.” Better?

Fiction from Liu Cixin:

Possible future topics:

  • Fast takeoff vs slow takeoff
  • Open AI
  • MIRI

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