0028: Food for Thought

Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence

Fiction from Liu Cixin:

We’re a lot more beautiful if we try.

(5:41) The Upward Spiral

(9:45) Are we getting any wiser?

(12:43) What are we trying for? To continue an aesthetic lineage.

(13:55) Kurzweil. When the machines tell us they are human, we will believe them.

(16:13) Cosmists and Terrans

(19:54) What are our machines learning from? What are our kids learning from?

What’s worth fighting for, even in futility?

(21:15) 0011: Evan Prodromou, AI practitioner (part 1) 0012: Evan Prodromou, AI practitioner (part 2) 0006: Compassion

Concerning AI Facebook Group

TED Talk posted there.

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