0039: We Need More Sparrow Fables

(0:00) The Unfinished Fable of the Sparrows, from Superintelligence by Bostrom

Followup to 0038: We Don’t Want to Die

  • (3:12) fitness / utility function and “Is this all there is”
  • (5:33) Joy VanBuskirk‘s comment and efficiency

(9:19) Orthogonality Thesis: Orthogonality Thesis at Less Wrong

(23:57) Instrumental Convergence Thesis

(31:24) What is the connection?

(32:57) Call to action

(33:29) Would it make sense to explore the two dimensional space of types of goals vs levels of intelligence?

(35:26) We need more fables. Send voice memos (preferred), images or text to ConcerningAI@gmail.com

(39:00) After-show: post-hoc justification for this episode