0047: Paths to AGI #2: Robots

This is our 2nd episode thinking about possible paths to superintelligence focusing on one kind of narrow AI each show. This episode is about embodiment and robots. It’s possible we never really agreed about what we were talking about and need to come back to robots.

Future ideas for this series include:

personal assistants (Siri, Alexa, etc)
non-player characters
search engines (or maybe those just fall under tools
social networks or other big data / working on completely different time / size scale from humans
collective intelligence
whole-brain emulation
augmentation (computer / brain interface)
self-driving cars
See also: 

0046: Paths to AGI #1: Tools
Robots learning to pick stuff up
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0026: The Locality Principle

http://traffic.libsyn.com/friendlyai/ConcerningAI-episode-0026-2016-09-18.mp3 These notes won’t be much use without listening to the episode, but if you do listen, one or two of you might find one or two of them helpful. Lyle Cantor‘s comment (excerpt) in the Concerning AI Facebook group: Regarding the OpenAI strategy of making sure we have more than one superhuman AI, this is […]